69% of college students

feel stressed about their personal finance

Only 18% of students

know what their student loan monthly payment will be when graduating

8/10 students & grads

have not had a single personal finance session

Success.ly works with a number of universities to extend the benefits of the Success.ly service to their campuses so that together we can improve the financial wellbeing of students and graduates.

Education is critical. It should not be an unmanageable financial burden.

The fact that 69% of students in a nationwide study conducted across 90 campuses indicated that they were feeling financial stress is a shocking indicator of the financial wellbeing of students. It’s just not right. We welcome enquiries from interested university professionals and would be pleased to arrange a visit to your campus by a member of our university relations team.

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We welcome inquires from colleges and universities who are interested in helping their students and graduates to be financially successful. Together, we can do so much to help individuals with the burden of paying for their valuable degrees.